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Thank you for your patience as we work to get our new website up and running. We got a sneak peek at it the other day and it looks AWESOME! Along with a new look, we’ll be delivering more content, adding more resources, and making our site easier to navigate for both members and non-members. Hang in tight- we can’t wait til launch time!

Athlete of the Month: Gaby


Gaby dove into CrossFit head first and has been attending classes on a regular basis. Everyone knows Gaby because of her warm bubbly and friendly personality and can be seen striking a conversation with anyone that enters the room, whether they are a member or just meeting them for the first time. She always ensures newcomers are welcomed and often provides tips and recommendations to them. She is genuine, dedicated, encouraging and a positive light in the box. In April, she competed in her first CrossFit competition and placed first in her division. In addition to being this month’s athlete of the month, Gaby celebrates her one year anniversary with us. Congrats and happy anniversary Gaby!


Age: 26

Occupation: Accountant

How did you hear about CrossFit and/or CrossFit Askal?
I heard about Crossfit Askal from Mayra. Every time we went out for dinner we talked about CrossFit. I remembered she showed us her guns. lol

What were you doing prior to CrossFit Askal?
I was working out at a local gym for five days a week.

Do you remember your first workout?
Yes, TABATA. I remembered the four types of movements. My stomach was so sore for a week.

What do you like most about CrossFit Askal?
CrossFit can be intimating but not in this box. They are very supportive, friendly, and helpful. I made cool friends that look out for each other.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since starting CrossFit Askal?
The biggest change I seen in myself is my nutrition. I had a weakness for candy and sweet bread. Now, I eat healthy and allow myself to have one cheat meal per week.Second I feel more energize. Before I would have a “couple” of (more like 10) cups of coffee a day. Furthermore, it helped me set new goals each month. I work hard to accomplish my short term goals each month.

How often do you come to CrossFit and what time?\
Four-Five days a week

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of CrossFit?
Spend time with my crazy lovely family and watch sports!

If you weren’t CrossFitting, you’d probably be… going to the gym.

Future goal(s): Be healthy and successful

Favorite moment(s): Enjoying life! (Yolo)

Favorite athlete: None, but Garret Fisher is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite workout: Workouts that make you sweat!!!!! =)

Least favorite workout: Burpees!

Are you paleo? Yes, modifiedpaleo.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining CrossfitAskal and/or anyone new (in elements).
Give it a try! CrossFit can be scary but it’s not. The workouts can be modified based on your comfort zone. Throughout time, one will develop the strength. Trust me… you will be surprised how much progress you will achieve. The Askal coaches care about everyone’s safety and they make sure you are doing the movements correctly. Also if you have any questions/concerns about nutrition, movement, or anything, they are more than happy to answer them.

Anything else you would like to say:
I would like to thank the coaches for motivating me to reach my goals. BE STRONG, STAY STRONG!


Microsoft Word - Schedule 201406 Summer.docx

We are excited to announce two awesome additions to our summer schedule: Open Gym and our NEW Silvers Class. 

OPEN GYM IS BACK AND BETTER! We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting Open Gym Hours once again but with a couple of exciting changes. First, instead of 2 hours per week, we will now be offering 18 hours/week of Open Gym time this summer. If popularity sustains or increases, we will continue offering Open Gym beyond the summer season and/or opening more time slots. Second, we will be opening up the gym to non-members.

WHAT IS OPEN GYM? Open gym is a great opportunity to come in do some homework (i.e. mobility, skill work, accessory work) or make up a workout or just simply workout on your own using our facility. For non-members, it’s a great opportunity to use our equipment you would not find at your local globo gym… and yes, you can overhead press, clean and jerk and deadlift.

Uhhh.... so what can I do?

Uhhh…. so what can I do?

Unfortunately, time and resources are valuable and limited and we cannot open up this service without a nominal fee. The fee helps with the cost of cleaning, maintenance and manpower.

We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to hone your skills and take your fitness to the next level. Members, if you would like to add this membership, please shoot Coach A at If you have any questions or for more information, please feel free to ask a coach or shoot us an email at

Open Gym Membership

Drop In Fee: $20/day (non-members)

Monthly Fee: $60 (non-members)/$10 (members)

Introducing Silvers Class

Silvers is a special class designed for the 50 and up crowd that want to work out, maintain a fit lifestyle but don’t want the intensity or complexity of a CrossFit class. We focus on functional movement (squat, light press) and mobility exercises (think lite yoga) to make everyday life easier- like taking out the groceries, picking up your grandkids (or perhaps chasing after them) and carrying laundry. Silvers begins July 12. For more information and pricing, please contact Coach Andrea at 424-271-2924 or at


The Scale: Not Worth It’s Weight

By Jen Comas Keck (

The last time I knew what I weighed was November of 2011. 

For about eight months prior to, I, embarrassingly enough, let myself become completely consumed by the number on the scale. This is ridiculous, because I don’t even know what I ultimately hoped it would say. I just knew that I wanted it to be lower, and then lower, and still lower again. 

I would wake up in a fantastic mood, leap out of bed, and stroll into the bathroom feeling like a million bucks. I’d hop on the scale, and then promptly become furious at whatever number popped up, and proceed to completely lose my marbles. 

FYI: declaring an unsubstantiated Defcon One emergency at 6am is a really effective way to ensure an awful day, and it also makes people scared of you. 


The Official Break-Up

This insane behavior repeated itself for a few months until I finally recognized it for what it was – extremely self-destructive, obsessive, and unhealthy. Something had to go, and it was either going to be my sanity – what was left of it, anyways – or the scale. 
I chose the latter. 

In November of 2011, I tossed the scale into the garbage with gusto, flipped it the bird for good measure, and promised myself to stop acting like a lunatic. 

Part of me was relieved that I was finally free from the mind-controlling aspect of a piddly, insignificant number, but the other part of me was concerned that I needed the scale. How will I know what I weigh?
A couple of weeks later was when the lightbulb turned on that would end up permanently altering the course of my thinking:

Who the hell cares what I weigh? 

Do my friends care what I weigh? My loved ones? The people at the DMV? 
No, no, and no. 
People that love you care about two things: your health, and happiness, neither of which should require a scale to tell you, so why do so many of us put so much emphasis, day in and day out, on what is ultimately an insignificant number? 

The Scale Only Tells You the Weight of Your Body.

The number that comes up on the scale means exactly one thing, and one thing only: how much your body weighs at that particular moment in time. That is it. 
It doesn’t tell you about your sleep quality, stress levels, health markers, muscle mass, nutrition, how your lifts are going, you’re happiness, or anything else that actually matters.
So, basically, it’s nearly pointless.

A woman could weigh a relatively low number on the scale – let’s say 125 pounds – yet be sedentary, lethargic, unhealthy, and carry a higher than normal amount of body fat


On the flip side of this, a woman could weigh 180 pounds, be a weight-smashing machine with glowing health and self-confidence, bouncing off the walls with energy, and carry a lower than normal amount of body fat

I can certainly tell you which one I’d rather be, higher number on the scale be damned. 
You can take two women, at the same height and weight, but with different body compositions, and even though the scale reads the same for both of them, their physiques will look very different. 

Your friend so-and-so looks smokin’ hot at 145 pounds? Awesome! However, that 145 pounds will look differently on you, depending on how much muscle you have, and where your body stores it’s fat. 

Let’s take a look at how the same person at the same weight can look very different based on different points in their lives. 

To help me demonstrate this, I have a few pics of myself, and my friends Kelsea and Molly, who have given me their blessing to share their photos and details with you: 
185 pounds on the left.
Nine years later, more muscle, tons of strength gains, significantly lower body fat
and 183.5 pounds on the right. 
1.5 pound swing, yet a world of difference! 
138 pounds on the left in 2011.
In 2014 on the right, also at 138 pounds,
significantly more muscle (hello, arms!), lower body fat,
and some insanely strong lifts.


On the left, 158 pounds, and mother-effin’ cardio queen, before I started powerlifting.
158 pounds on the right 3 years later,
with much more muscle, significantly less body fat,
some beefy squat, bench, and deadlift numbers, and brand new quads.


We don’t talk about that tattoo. We just don’t.

All three of us have inarguably made some pretty impressive progress over the years, but if we were basing things off of the scale alone, it’d show that we haven’t done much of anything except for maintained, which couldn’t be further from the truth.


She QUIT… all because of the scale.

I have a good friend that has given me her permission to share her story with you.
My friend was battling some big issues. Over the years she had developed some bad eating habits, gained a substantial amount of weight, and because of that was suffering from low energy, health problems, low sex drive, and terrible self-confidence.
After reading one of my posts, she embarked on the Whole30, and she was absolutely killing it. She text me often to let me know how well it was going. After the two week mark, her cravings had nearly subsided, and she went so far as to say it was actually very simple to stay the course. She reported more energy, a boost in confidence, and couldn’t stop saying how excited and optimistic she felt! Woohoo!
About three weeks in, she weighed herself, even though the Whole30 specifically forbids stepping on a scale (and soon you’ll see why).
She had only lost a few pounds, and she was crushed. Even though she had been feeling fantastic, and had made absolutely sweeping changes to her nutrition, eating habits, and was setting herself up for a lifetime of better health, she was discouraged beyond belief because of a number, and she quit.
It was heartbreaking.
All of the potential good that could have come from this, gone, because of the stupid mother-fudging scale.

The Arrival Fallacy

Once I weigh ____, I’ll finally love myself. 

We believe that once we arrive at a specific destination, it will bring us abundant joy and happiness. This is the trickery of what is called the Arrival Fallacy. 

Sure, reaching a goal feels good, and improving your body composition will inevitably help your self-confidence to some degree, but your self-love won’t be flipped on like a light switch just because you hit a certain number on the scale. 

Striving relentlessly towards a specific digit gives us tunnel vision, and we convince ourselves that we can’t be happy with our body until we get to that point. 

Additionally, we become so out of tune with how our body actually feels, that we lose sight of all of the things that are going well, because we become so dependent on the scale to tell us whether things are “good” or “bad”. 

There is so much more to improvement that has nothing to do with the scale, or even with measurements, for that matter.

Since I stopped tracking the scale, and really, anything else other than the weight I slap onto the barbell, I have become more in tune with my body than I ever have been. Eliminating the stress of tracking my weight and checking my bodyfat percentage has freed up ample energy and precious brain space to enable me to pay significantly more attention to what is going on inside my body, and what it’s trying to tell me. 

The following are some examples of making progress in health and fitness, that are unrelated (to a degree) to the number on the scale: 

  • Eating more nutrient dense foods, and less junk food. 
  • Learning to listen to hunger cues, rather than appetite.
  • Sleeping better. 
  • Becoming stronger, or faster, or whatever you’re working on for performance.
  • Higher sex drive.
  • Clearer skin.
  • Better digestion. 
  • More energy. 
  • Improved cognition. 
  • Walking up a flight of stairs without gasping for air. 
One of my nutrition clients made this, and gave me her permission to share it:
In 10 weeks, lost 2.4% body fat, gained strength, improved health, and made noticeable physique changes,

yet the silly scale only reflects 2.5lb lost.

The Bottom Line

Stepping on the scale can be a much-needed wake-up call for some. Seeing things in a stark black-and-white perspective can be necessary in order to jumpstart change for some people, and I recognize the value of it in those situations. 
The scale is also a necessary tool for competitors that are working towards a certain weight class. 
Where the scale gets problematic is when you are letting it make or break your days, or when you are determining all of your progress or self-worth by the number that shows up. 


Let’s redirect our focus to things that really matter!
Work towards health, happiness, and performance; not an irrelevant number on the scale.
Remember, there is so much more to progress than that number.
I have gone 2.5 years without seeing my weight – and I mean not one single time – and what do you know? I’m happier, healthier, stronger, and more confident than I’ve ever been. 
A good friend of mine said something to me about two years ago, and it has echoed in my head ever since: 
“Nothing is more beautiful than radiant health and happiness.” 
Now, who wants to bring their scales to my house and have a scale burning bonfire?!
Has the scale been helpful or a hindrance to you? 
Could you go a few years without weighing yourself at all? 
There are no wrong answers! 
Let’s chat below! 

Get ready for some changes!

Ana, age 44, lifting 110lbs for the first time.

Ana, age 44, lifting 110lbs for the first time.

Dear A-Team:

We are dedicated to providing you all with the best possible service we can and we strive for nothing less. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our services, facility and most importantly our community.

One area we are seeking to revamp is our website. While our page goes through a major makeover, we will no longer be posting the workouts on this blog. Instead, we will be posting on a private Facebook forum. If you have not joined the forum yet, please let one of the coaches know and we will gladly add you.

However, you will gradually see more content being published on this site.  We encouraged everyone to contribute in some way… whether it be commenting on a post or  submitting an article, photo or video. Or maybe you simply have an idea or suggestion on what you would like to see. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

If there is anyway we can improve or any suggestions you may have, please feel free to contact us at or give us a call!

Get ready for TONS of exciting stuff  yet to come!


CrossFit Askal



Saturday 2.15.14


Skill Work

3 rounds:
1 Wall Walk (bonus: shoulder touches)
12 Alternating Pistols (as little assistance as possible)


200m Run
10 Burpee Pull Ups

Wednesday 9.4.13


Starting line


Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5


Wednesday 7.24.13

Dana Smiles

For those of you who are not attending the Games this weekend, don’t fret- you can still watch it LIVE all weekend. In fact, the Master Events have already begun and have been streaming live all day today. For more information on how you can be part of the action and witness history, visit: Don’t miss out!


Part 1

Max effort in 2 minutes: Hollow rock
Rest 1 minute
Max effort in 2 minutes: Push Ups
Rest 1 minute
Max effort in 2 minutes: Squats

Part 2

Three rounds for time of:
135 pound Hang power clean, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Monday 2.4.13

A. Thrusters 7×2

B. “Fran”

21-15-9 reps of:

Thrusters 95/65

Pull ups