Getting Started

Step One: Learn about CrossFit Askal 
Explore our website: About Us, Blog, Schedule, FAQ and Success Stories.


Step Two: Schedule a FREE Intro (or skip to Step Three)
Call or sign up here for a FREE private intro session. During this session you’ll get to:

  • Take a tour of our facility
  • Learn about CrossFit
  • Learn about our coaches and programs
  • Address any questions and/or concerns
  • Set goals and a roadmap to achieving these goals
  • Includes warm up, skills evaluation and sample workout

After the intro session, you may sign up for private sessions or our Elements.


Step Three: Elements

This class is designed for anyone new to our Askal Community. Our main focus is to not only take your fitness to the next level but most importantly to make everyday life situations easier whether it is chasing after your kids, carrying groceries, or just simply walking without huffing and puffing. Elements focuses on introducing basic progressions of movements (i.e. squat, deadlift, push ups, pull ups etc) and slowly increasing movement difficulty as well as intensity.

Classes are held Monday through Friday 7-8pm and hope to expand to other times of the day as well as Saturdays as soon as interest and attendance increases. You can come as often as you wish. We recommend coming in on a consistent basis (at least 3-4 times per week).

After 4 weeks of consistent attendance and showing basic understanding of movements, you may have the option of joining our CrossFit classes.  If you don’t feel prepared to do so, no worries, you can always remain in Elements until you feel you are ready.

Price: $100/mo. unlimited

Terms: Month-to-month, no contract.  Must complete a consecutive 4 week cycle before participating in CrossFit Classes.

Sign Up: You may sign up any time! Just give us a call  424-271-2924 or email us at


Step Four: CrossFit

So you attended Elements for at least 4 weeks and feel ready to step up your fitness game.- that’s great! Members are welcome to choose a membership package that suits their lifestyle and participate in any of our CrossFit group classes.

Price: Varies from $130-175 per month
Terms: 4, 8, 12 months; we also offer 6 month and 12 month prepaid memberships


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