Success Stories

“My 69 year old mother had type 2 diabetes, was overweight, and had high blood pressure and cholesterol. She was in dire need of getting into shape and changing her nutrition. Andrea was instrumental with both of these key things. She has worked twice a week with my mom over the past two months, being positive, patient, encouraging, and communicative. I have seen my mom become more confident with her physical abilities, lose weight, and dramatically alter her nutritional lifestyle. Her lipid panel and blood glucose results have also returned to the healthy range for the first time in many years. Because my mom was not right for a regular Crossfit class, Andrea works with her privately to meet her health goals. My mom greatly enjoys her sessions with Andrea as she keeps the activities varied, challenging, and yet is extremely careful to ensure my mom remains injury free, despite having very little physical activity prior to working out with her. In the last two months, my mom has never once been injured or had to delay her physical progress due to getting hurt. Coming from doing Crossfit myself and nearly always having some kind of minor injury or soreness, this is really a testament to Andrea’s knowledge, skill, patience, and ability to gauge the right level of challenges for her clients. Andrea sends me videos and photos of my mom working out after almost every session, so that I can see what my mom is working on, and I truly appreciate her thoughtfulness and ease in communication. She has also shared valuable nutritional information with my mom and given her healthy Paleo-style recipes and has shared nutritional information such as e-books with me. Andrea is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and professional, and I would recommend her highly.”

– Stephanie Ahn [Katsuko Ahn]

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