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Monday 1.27.14

Hey folks!

We are going to slow down things a bit and focus on quality of your movement. Does that mean you are not going to get a heavy breather, kick ass workout? Absolutely not. Fast is not necessarily always better (nor safer).

Today’s focus is on pull ups. You have heard us repeatedly say ” initiate by bringing your shoulders back and down”, “keep hollow position”, “close your legs” but what does it all mean to you? Do you understand which positions are ideal when performing pull ups and why? Here are some videos to help with today’s WOD. See if you can identify any areas you need work on.


Front Squats 3-3-3+


10 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
8 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
6 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
4 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
2 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk

* This WOD is not for time, rather for quality. As always, scale as needed.

Cash Out
For time:
Max 400m run