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We are excited to announce two awesome additions to our summer schedule: Open Gym and our NEW Silvers Class. 

OPEN GYM IS BACK AND BETTER! We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting Open Gym Hours once again but with a couple of exciting changes. First, instead of 2 hours per week, we will now be offering 18 hours/week of Open Gym time this summer. If popularity sustains or increases, we will continue offering Open Gym beyond the summer season and/or opening more time slots. Second, we will be opening up the gym to non-members.

WHAT IS OPEN GYM? Open gym is a great opportunity to come in do some homework (i.e. mobility, skill work, accessory work) or make up a workout or just simply workout on your own using our facility. For non-members, it’s a great opportunity to use our equipment you would not find at your local globo gym… and yes, you can overhead press, clean and jerk and deadlift.

Uhhh.... so what can I do?

Uhhh…. so what can I do?

Unfortunately, time and resources are valuable and limited and we cannot open up this service without a nominal fee. The fee helps with the cost of cleaning, maintenance and manpower.

We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to hone your skills and take your fitness to the next level. Members, if you would like to add this membership, please shoot Coach A at If you have any questions or for more information, please feel free to ask a coach or shoot us an email at

Open Gym Membership

Drop In Fee: $20/day (non-members)

Monthly Fee: $60 (non-members)/$10 (members)

Introducing Silvers Class

Silvers is a special class designed for the 50 and up crowd that want to work out, maintain a fit lifestyle but don’t want the intensity or complexity of a CrossFit class. We focus on functional movement (squat, light press) and mobility exercises (think lite yoga) to make everyday life easier- like taking out the groceries, picking up your grandkids (or perhaps chasing after them) and carrying laundry. Silvers begins July 12. For more information and pricing, please contact Coach Andrea at 424-271-2924 or at