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Saturday 2.1.14



You asked and now you shall receive. We are re-ordering more shirts (this time they will be black) and ordering black women’s tanks and grey hoodies. Take advantage of our pre-sale order deal and purchase by next Friday! We will also be ordering a limited amount of extra hoodies so if you snooze, you lose. Pre-sale sheet on the front counter or email us at to place your order.

Partner WOD!

AMRAP in 6 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
AMRAP in 8 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
For time, complete the entire workout:

50 Twisted V-Ups
50 KB Swings 2/1.5 pood
50 Squats
50 Ground to OH 135/95
50 Burpee Jump Touches

Compare 6.7.13

The Rules:

– Everything is done in order.
– Each round (AMRAP) starts at the beginning. Meaning- you will NOT start from where you left off prior round.
– One partner does work at a time. Meanwhile other partner is holding their “baby” (50# ball).
– Complete run is performed by each partner however however you may split the reps for the rest of the workout however you like.
– Don’t drop your baby or let it touch the floor! Burpee penalties will be added at the end!
– Communicate with your partner. Be a good buddy and make sure their form is good. Cheer them on.
– Have FUN!

Friday 1.31.14



Back Squats, 20 reps

or 5×3 Back Squats (3 sec descent+3 sec pause)

Cash Out

Handstand Practice

Thursday 1.30.14


NEW On Ramp starts this Monday, February 3rd. For anyone interested in learning the basic foundations and movements of CrossFit this is the perfect course to take. To sign up, contact us at 424-271-2924 or at


Deadlift 3-3-3+


5 min AMRAP
Burpee Slam Balls

Cash Out

3 Rounds
15 Hollow Rock
15 Superman Rock

Wednesday 1.29.13



Hang Snatch 5×2
5x: 2 BTN Snatch Push Press + 2 OHS


3-7 strict pull ups* (may be weighted)
20 Jump Squats 45#/35#
200m run

Tuesday 1.28.14

This April, CrossFit Askal is teaming up with Train 4 Autism, CrossFit Unexpected & Carson CrossFit  for the first (and hopefully many more to come) community fundraiser competition in honor of National Autism Awareness Month. Our focus is to come together as a community, bring awareness and raise money for a wonderful charity of your choice,  in a fun, friendly, competitive atmosphere. The date is set for Saturday, April 19, is great for all levels,  and we have yet to decide whether it will be an individual or partner/team competition. Registration fee is $25 and comes with a t-shirt. If you are interested, please sign up (sheet located on front counter) and please indicate if you would like to participate as an individual or partner/team. This is a great opportunity for each and every one of you that has been itching to participate in their first competition and a great chance to meet other awesome crossfitters. Stay tuned for more details!


The Bear Complex

5 sets of 7 rounds of:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

You can’t set the barbell down until each round is complete. Rest as needed between rounds, but keep increasing the load on the barbell until you find your max. Your score is the max weight with which you were able to complete a full round.

Monday 1.27.14

Hey folks!

We are going to slow down things a bit and focus on quality of your movement. Does that mean you are not going to get a heavy breather, kick ass workout? Absolutely not. Fast is not necessarily always better (nor safer).

Today’s focus is on pull ups. You have heard us repeatedly say ” initiate by bringing your shoulders back and down”, “keep hollow position”, “close your legs” but what does it all mean to you? Do you understand which positions are ideal when performing pull ups and why? Here are some videos to help with today’s WOD. See if you can identify any areas you need work on.


Front Squats 3-3-3+


10 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
8 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
6 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
4 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk
2 Strict Pull Ups
1 Wall Walk

* This WOD is not for time, rather for quality. As always, scale as needed.

Cash Out
For time:
Max 400m run

Saturday 1.25.14

U.S. Army Sergeant Jeremiah Wittman, 26, of Darby, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, was killed on February 13, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with a roadside bomb in Zhari province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his daughters Miah and Ariauna, wife Karyn, siblings Robert H., Charity, Jenell, and Natasha, father Robert, and mother Cynthia Church.



Seven rounds for time of:
1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 15 reps
95 pound Power clean, 15 reps
15 Box jumps, 24″ box

Friday 1.24.14

Dana Preps


A. Back Squat, 20 reps
or 5×3 Pause Back Squats


5 Strict Pull Ups
5 Shoulder Press
Prowler Sprint

Thursday 1.23.14



Deadlift 5-5-5+
Hang Power Clean 5×2

Cash Out


Wednesday 1.22.14



Run 400m
15 Box Jumps 24″/20″
30 Twisted V-Ups